"Imagination is the beginning of creation"

- George Bernard Shaw -

Have an image film created to present yourself, or your company from the best side

In this day and age, advertising texts are reluctantly read and quickly flown over. With an image film you convey a message not only via texts, but also with images, speech, music and above all emotions.

About me

I’m Philip, 26 years old, half German, half American and living in the Netherlands. I like to do sports, meet friends, listen to music and above all, I like to go to the cinema or watch a movie at home. From a very young age movies have fascinated me and I always wanted to know what’s happening behind the camera.
When I grew up I did not feel passionate about just one thing. I liked many things such as sport.
So I decided to study sports. After a while I got this feeling that this is not the right thing for me but I kept going until I asked myself: "where do I see myself in the future?" My feeling said: "I don't know yet, but I definitely do not want to work in the sports business!”
But what exactly do I want to do? The question in my head kept spinning but the answer was something only my heart could tell me. I had to trust the path of life, be patient and listen to my inner voice. There were many voices, so it was difficult to hear my own.

I remember when I was on a short trip with my girlfriend. We took pictures and I captured some videos with my phone. Back home I created a small video from our trip. I searched for a program to edit videos and music which could fit. I did not have any experience so I was looking on the internet for techniques to achieve the look I wanted to create. I was so amazed by the results that I wanted to create more. I decided to buy a camera and spend a lot of time teaching myself how to become better.

Now I'm doing what I love… Creating films!
With my experience and knowledge, I love working with people and learn about them and capture their stories in my unique way.





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